The day ahead looks amazing!

  • Arrive to a lovely glass of sparkling wine as you wander through the curated design stalls.


  • The bell will ring and you will be guided to your seats in the beautifully appointed ballroom.


  • Indulge in two hours of both savoury and sweet treats with bottomless 


  • Enjoy the fashion show along with great music


  • Tea and coffee service


  • Depart the ballroom with a final glass of sparkling wine and take another wander through the market stalls.  
How do I purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets online by visiting the “TICKETS” page, choosing your preferred location, date and time. We take various payment methods via a 3rd party ticketing provider, trybooking.com.au. If you need assistance with your tickets you can always email alison@thepeppermintgroup.com.au

Can we pay for our tickets separately?

Yes each member of your party can go to the “buy tickets” page and pay separately. Similar to a restaurant reservation, ensure you refer to the group booking name at the time of purchase so we may marry up all individual bookings when creating table plans.

Is my ticket refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable. Keep your ticket in a safe place and safeguard it as you would money or regular tickets. Unauthorised duplication or sale of this ticket may prevent your admittance to the event. The unique barcode on this ticket can only be used once by the guest(s) associated with the booking on the specified date and time. Multiple copies of this ticket will not allow multiple entries to the event. In the event that duplicate copies appear, the venue or promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to all ticket holders. Tickets are sold by The Peppermint Group Pty Ltd ABN 28 120 345 182. Should you require a tax invoice, please email The Peppermint Group on alison@thepeppermintgroup.com.au.

Do we all have to arrive together?

It is helpful when we are seating guests in the ballroom that you all arrive together. However, it is not always possible that you can all be together in the queue so just ensure you have a copy of your ticket. Please hold onto your tickets until you are ready to be seated in the ballroom.

How does the seating in the ballroom work when seated?

The ballroom is seated in rounds of 10-12, if your booking is smaller than this, your party will be seated at a shared table. If your booking is larger we will seat your party side by side. It is important that if you purchase your tickets separately we have an understanding of who you would like to sit with on the day. Please email alison@thepeppermintgroup.com.au prior to the day to ensure all of your party is seated together so we can create an accurate table plan. 

What if I have special dietary requirements?

When purchasing tickets do let us know at this point if you or your guests have any special dietary requirements. It is important that we provide the executive chefs with these requests at least 3 days prior to the event. When seated in the ballroom you will need too let the wait staff know that you ordered a ‘special meal’ and this will be brought out to you. Any questions please email alison@thepeppermintgroup.com.au

What is the dress code?

There is no particular dress code however many of our guests use the day as a nice excuse to ‘frock up.’ There are lots of photos and video of past events on our website and Instagram page if you would like to double check.

Where do I park if I drive?

Please visit your preferred search engine to find the closest parking options available or contact the hotel directly for guidance.

Are there other ways to get there?

Our venues are always in central CBD locations, easily accessible via public transport.